Graphic communication is the heart of our trade

The highest quality requirement, a total mastery of the graphic chain



On 12th of July, Square once more awards the Label Relations Fournisseurs et Achats Responsables. This label is awarded to French companies in recognition of the sustainable and balanced relations they have with their suppliers.

It is the only label of its kind awarded by the French Government and is valid for three years. Square is one of the only 3 SMB who received the label in France. Square takes an active part in the workgroup for better relations between Brand Owners and SMB. Our company has first been awarded the Label back in November 2013.

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Graphic communication, the heart of our trade

At Square we have been innovating ever since 1979, permanently renewing our techniques and keeping our team’s talents up to date. In 2018, Square teams up 3 virtuoso managing partners to offer you their combined talents (left to right):

  • Xavier Badiche’s IT know-how in statistics and artificial intelligence,
  • Jean Ulrich’s knowledge of Retail and FMCG Industry,
  • Roland Donzelle’s expertise on Print and Digital Publishing.

The highest quality requirement when it comes to dealing with our clients artworks and graphic codes. We boast a total mastery of the graphic chain, with a technical approach turned to the new technologies. We offer you collaborative working, digital strategies, Network Publishing and Crossmedia to work out the best solution to your needs.


Our team

We have been pioneers in technical and innovative solutions since 1979.

Our team of 6 project managers, fluent in English offer you their expertise for seeing your projects through. Our graphic designers are specialized in graphic design softwares, publishing platforms, digital publishing tools and they will support you all along the workflow.

Left to right, front to back:

Xavier Badiche, Jean Ulrich, Roland Donzelle, (second row) Julie Crottier-Combe, Corinne Breig, Alexandra Mabrito, Catherine Mézenge, Bernadette Jalifier, Chantal Mirabel, (third row) Audrey Gutowski, Thierry Sabatino, Christophe Quinzoni, Renaud Fabre, Elisabeth Barrier, Valérie Trouillet, Jérôme Durand, Juliette Leclère (missing: Vinod Kirouchenamourty).

Our expertises

How we can enrich your projects

Team Member

We master all steps of Graphic Chain from initial design to releasing your messages on all media you have chosen. We will walk you to the completion of your projects, while outsmarting the process’ complexities, be they technical or industrial, etc.

Prepress and premedia

Publishing and packaging expertise.
Team Member

We will create for you bespoke Apps for a digital media that matches who you are. We especially pay attention to aesthetics and functionnalites in the App while keeping an ear for you to personalize its content.

Mobile apps

Tablets, smartphones, anywhere, everywhere.
Team Member

We offer turnkey solutions for all your issues. SquareFlow offers all the functionalities that respond to production needs like project management, Digital Asset Management, business intelligence, image creation and publishing solutions.

Solution integration

Analytics, workflow, business intelligence...

Boosting your business on e-commercial websites

Let's talk about packshots and Mobile Ready Hero Images!


We operate on packshots pictures for 5 years, using 3D technology softwares, making your packagings available on ecommerce platforms before they're manufactured.

— Light taste

Since the beginning of 2017, we have been creating Mobile Ready Hero Images for international brands. Let's boost your sales on e-commercial websites!

— Zero sucres

Unilever and the University of Cambridge found a +5 to +20% gain on online sales (study 2017).

— Original taste

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